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A Social Business Plan for Tory Burch Brand & Foundation

In this weeks Social Media class, us students presented our semester-long social business plans for the brand of choice. Seeing a deficit in fashion designer Tory Burch’s social business plan, our group chose to take on the challenge of improving her presence as well as that of her foundation The Tory Burch Foundation. With measurements and content, we built this model utilizing the various social business practices from that of the class and professor Michael Brito. Hope you enjoy viewing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Foot in door? Check.

I, like many, will be exiting my college institution in just a few short weeks and hope to hit the ground running toward this whole “being an adult” thing. Luckily, our social media class had a virtual visit from Spredfast Social Media Director @Jordanv. She hit some key points for the next generation of new-grads on getting into this simple gone robust industry.


Getting Your Foot in the Door:
1.  Follow favorite brands. Observe what they are doing well or what they could improve.
2.  Embrace cool data. Try to find one new quality a month.
3.  Use the platforms you have. Nothing’s worse than a vacant WordPress or outdated posts.
4.  Show that you have an opinion. Blog about the latest trends and topics of whatever industry you are pursuing and express your opinion.
5.  Find  a community. Join clubs or associations to network and learn more. Get connected to relevant groups on LinkedIn.
6.  Embrace the “social” in social media. Reach out to those in your channels, even if you don’t know them.
7.  Be a jack of all trades. It is great to specialize in a particular Employers are now expecting people to be able to write, market and have technical knowledge.
8.  Intern, intern, intern! And take initiative in whatever tasks you’re assigned to do.
Interview Questions to expect for a job in social biz:
1. What’s working in social business?
2.  What could you do to make social business better?
3.  What are your favorite brands using social media and why?
4.  In social media marketing, what’s successful, declining and of importance?
Answering these questions will show that you are paying attention to what’s going on in the world and have an opinion!


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